Koynē Program contributes to the exchange of knowledge, techniques and materials for creative production.

          We want to use art, science and creative inquiry as a way to explore, connect and communicate ideas for a more conscious and sustainable life.


︎SNC 2022-2023:

Koyne presents the exhibition Observatorium as a result of the work of the participating artists at the South - North Circuit during 2022-2023. The circuit is constituted as a tour of latitudes with the intention of integrating the experience of six participating artists in a circuit of five art residencies throughout the geographic south and north.  

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︎Artists & Researchers            

︎ Sadet Hirsimäki    

Sadet Hirsimäki is a Helsinki based artist who works with pictures, painting and writes poems. They also have curatorial practice.  Sadet spent the month of September in Ilulissat Greenland at Arctic Culture Lab. There they got to know the local culture, materials, the surrounding nature and its might.

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Lichen is a combination of fungi and algae living in a symbiosis in one organism. The fungi provides a structure for the algae to live in, while the algae provides food for the fungus. Lichens are found on all sizes and length and range in colors from bright orange, to all types of greens, grays and black.

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