Stefan Maier

MAX RES 2024
In residence at Koynē Residency

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Stefan Maier is a new media artist based in Vienna. His work is characterized by a deep exploration of how technology can transform our sensory perception and the way we interact with each other. Through his art, Maier seeks to challenge the dichotomy between the physical and digital realms, promoting a non-binary understanding of both. His focus is on the materiality of the immaterial, intertwining human and environmental needs, as well as natural entities, histories, and fictions.

Maier’s portfolio spans from drawings and mixed-reality sculptures to physical installations and interactive experiences. These pieces, often presented as immersive installations and live performances, invite the viewer to reconsider their relationship with the environment and technological processes.

In his work we can find techniques such as volumetric capture, integrating physical and digital elements into a single interactive space; spatial sound, and extended reality to create complex sensory experiences.  Delving into themes of sustainability and the symbiotic relationship between humans and their environment, his installations often incorporate natural and digital elements, creating a narrative that highlights the interdependence between technology and nature.

Conceptually, Maier's work is grounded in the idea that technology should not be seen merely as a tool, but as a medium to explore and expand human perception. His pieces invite critical reflection on the nature of reality and how technology can mediate our social and environmental interactions. By merging the tangible and intangible, he seeks to provoke a reevaluation of our preconceived notions about space and materiality.

Through his art, he aims to demonstrate how stories and fictions can shape our understanding of the world and foster a continuous dialogue about our place within it.

Helsinki, Finland︎
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