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Applications are now open for the Koyne Program MAXRES Material Experience Residency in Helsinki Finland.
With MAXRES, we provide a platform for the exploration of bio-based materials and recycled technologies.
The one-month residency takes place in September or October 2024 and is awarded to two artists. The residency is offers an artist fee of € 1500, in addition to workspace and accommodation. Travel costs are to be covered by the artists.
The residency is open to all formats and proposals are welcome from all types of artists focused on the intersection of bio-based materials, recycling &  technology.

The selection will be made during the month of May and the results will be published starting May 15.

The residency is inspired by the concept of vibrant matter. The idea that matter is not simply a passive receptor of human action, but rather a vibrant and lively entity that actively participates in networks of relationships.

We propose a connection between a multinaturalist approach that stimulates the use of bio-based materials not only as means for artistic creation, but also as co-creators in the process. Also in the focus is the idea of technodiversity, that focuses on different stages of  technology and post industrial recycled materials as mediators in the complex relationship between humans and non-humans.

We promote the use of environmentally friendly materials by facilitating interested artists' access to reliable instruction guides on the production and use of bio-based materials and recycled technologies. We believe that when looking for material options it is very important for the artist's creative process to receive the necessary advice and have the opportunity to experiment with samples of materials.

Workspace and collaborations :
The residency includes a permanent workstation in Caracara Collective studio. Caracara Collective is an experimental design studio using biowaste and other bio-based and recycled materials.

You will have the opportunity to participate in workshops by Caracara Collective, tutorships meeting with curators, artists or other relevant professionals to your work.

Residency accommodation is a studio in Kamppi in walking distance from the city center, Punavuori district and the Eira beach.

The Caracara Collective workspace is located in Vattuniemi, in Lauttasaari, with a beautiful coastline a couple minutes walk away. The Lauttasaari metro station is a 10 minute walk away.

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