Highland Cotton

Gossypium hirsutium

GoctaLab Residency
Artist Dunja Krcek
Jamaica Plant
Purple Corn

Gossypium hirsutum mostly known as the Highland Cotton is native to South America as well as Central America. It is cultivated and also grows wild. Evidence of its cultivation has been found from 3,500 BC. Highland Cotton includes different varieties that have varying fiber lengths and tolerances to a number of growing conditions. It has naturally various hues of brown colors and isn’t only white.

At GoctaLab residency highland cotton grows wild in the area of Cocachimba that lies next to the River Utcubamba. The name is a reference to the cotton fields which used to grow in the region, utku meaning cotton and pampa meaning plains.



Artist Dunja Krcek spent the month of September in Peru at GoctaLab learning about the raw wild cotton that grows on the surroundings of the residency. Dunja got to know the whole process of picking the cotton, making it as a yarn to color it with plants from the same lands with Olinda, the local artist. The cotton was handspun and then dyed with curcuma, purple corn and hibiscus.


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