Yese Astarloa

Yese Astarloa explores through materiality and assemblage ways to give form to what appears to be intangible and elusive. She establishes material relationships with digitality and creates imaginaries of the future where temporal layers overlap. She is interested in interstices, strangeness, and the hybridization of certain binaries linked to time, space, and fiction.

Artist statement

My research and body of work delve into the technical-technological landscape we inhabit. I seek for logics of digital media and supports, seemingly intangible and elusive data, to take shape and materiality, thus unfolding in physical space. Conversely, to the point where the digital and the material hybridize in such a way that attempting to differentiate them becomes absurd. I gather information, data, and traces. I carry out archival and analytical work using a process of translation and transposition into different materials and procedures that allow me to construct new forms, laden with memory, layers of temporality, and movement. In materiality, I seek for each work to enter into a scale relationship with our bodies. I delve into the interstices of things, searching for hidden relationships between digitality and seemingly antagonistic physical materials. How can the memory of a space be captured from minimal, lost, or forgotten units? How can body be given to a set of digital data? How to construct future imaginaries based on thinking about strangeness, the perception of time, and the meaning that materialities unfold? In summary, my work is situated on two lines of research. On one hand, as a technopoetic practice, I investigate “individually” around the analog-digital binomial, thinking of it as a hybrid that feeds back into itself. This allows me to explore multiple forms and problematize other binomials such as movement-immobility, real-virtual space, tangible and intangible. On the other hand, collaborative work, linked to territory, the memory of spaces, and the archive. These two modes of investigation converge, contaminate each other. In this sense, my practice amalgamates these drifts, and I find myself imagining spaces of estrangement that I name Hecriletf (Hybrid of Space-Body-Ruin-Immaculate-Laboratory-Space of Future Torture). From the formal aspects of these pieces, I continue to investigate the search for new hybridizations of duos or binomials and temporal relationships between past, present, and future. The paradoxes, apparent absurdities, or contradictions that derive from the methodology used are the result of an operation that seeks to generate doubts and open up to a critical view about our perception and construction of reality.

Helsinki, Finland︎
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