This collaborative and multidisciplinary  project invites artists to work in ÖRES residency on the theme of sustainable materials & recycled technologies.

The ÖRES residency has a strong connection with its environment and firms part of the long history of the island.

ÖRES is situated on the small remote island of Örö in the Finnish Archipelago National Park. An old military base island now offers artists and researchers a chance to work in a unique natural environment surrounded by nothing but the sea. The residency focuses on new and experimental fields of art, art-science collaborations and interdisciplinary projects.

Open space for interspecies work
The experience in the residency invites to the action of exploration.
Multiple environments require paying attention to all the presences that accompany us and allow us to rediscover and relearn how to create in coexistence.
In the circuit we train ourselves to become aware that
every environment is a complex system in a chained,
constant and permanent interrelation with everything
Based on these learnings that methodological proposal the program seeks to promote by the recognition of multispecies interdependencies.
This recognition try to integrete the technical work of transformation carried out during the historical stage of the island.


Marie Schoberleitner (AT) ︎︎︎

● Betiana Pavon (AR) ︎︎︎

Helsinki, Finland︎
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