Marie Schoberleitner

︎fermented processes ︎ bacterial cultures

Marie Schoberleitner's work engages with materiality and temporality, creating immersive environments that explore the resilience of living systems amidst environmental and social change.

In her proposal we find a variety of media and concepts, focusing on the dynamic interaction between organic and inorganic materials in interaction with the surroundings.
Her installations transform spaces into evolving ecosystems that react to spatial conditions highlighting themes of adaptation and resilience.
Her research work on the behavior of bacterial cultures, fermented liquids, algae, concrete, salt, gelatin and other elements acting as active agents that mix, adapt and reshape the exhibition space by interacting with visitors proposes an open look at micro and macro processes.

We see in her work a careful spatial integration, her installations challenge viewers to consider the adaptability of natural processes and human interventions.

Helsinki, Finland︎
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