South-North Circuit (SNC)

The South-North Circuit (SNC) project connects five artist residences located in Finland, Greenland and Peru; creating a circuit between the places through a collaborative project of interest.


● Arctic Culture Lab ︎︎︎

● TUO TUO ︎︎︎

● GoctaLab ︎︎︎

● KAI ︎︎︎

● ÖRES ︎︎︎

The circuit is about finding common elements in the work of the residences that can complement and enrich each other. It is a journey through different geographical spaces, techniques, traditions and ways of working.

SNC supports diversity, cultural exchange and mutual learning across national borders. Our interest is to explore the relationship between art, nature and technology and investigate what are the differences on the concept of nature according to ideological and cultural biases.

All the residences have their own traditions and materials and through the circuit we try to find common elements in the work of the residences that can complement and enrich each other. Exchanging knowledge about materials, techniques, traditions and ways of working among all the participants.

Our focus is on social, cultural and environmental sustainability.

Art can help us think and talk about the climate crisis at all levels and link the stories of people, communities and cultures in different parts of the world. Artistic processes are capable of moving between different discourses and fields of action, revealing connections that already exist.

The project is designed to be a bi-annual project each year strengthening the position and operation of the artist residencies by creating an active international network of artists, cultural professionals and researchers.

The South-North Circuit wants to bring focus to the use of sustainable materials in art and encourages the participating artists to get inspired by the surrounding nature of the residencies and use the materials that are found in them.

GoctaLab in Peru has wild native cotton and bamboo growing in their premises, TUO TUO in Finland uses dyes made from the plants growing in the forest and in Arctic Culture Lab’s location in Greenland, the seal skin has been used for centuries. All the artists residencies have their own traditions and materials and the project combines these elements creating a story between the distinct places. The network serves as a platform for sharing information and exchanging ideas for more sustainable artistic practices.

SNC Circuits

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︎ SNC 2022—2023: ADAPTATION ︎︎︎


Renzo Signori, Arcaica Association
Saskia Signori, Arcaica Association   
Andreas Hoffmann PhD, Artistic Director Arctic Culture Lab
Nuutti Koskinen, Chairman ÖRES
Kaitlyn D. Hamilton & Joni Judén , Directors TUO TUO
Sergio Abugattas Tenaud, Director GoctaLab
Carlos Garavito, Director KAI Residency


The SNC project will organize three exhibitions in Helsinki and Madrid.
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