South-North Circuit


The first collaborative, multidisciplinary and multicultural project of SNC in 2022—2023 invites artists to work in the residencies on the theme adaptation.

All the five residences of the circuit are strongly connected with their distinct environments.

The theme of  adaptation refers to the residencies interacting with their environment, the participating artists adapting to their temporary surroundings in the residencies and combining their artistic work with other artists on the circuit.

Adaptation is a natural flow of all existing relationships in the ecosystems, of which the circuit is a part of, and the project seeks to incorporate in the artistic creative research the relationships between natural, wild, technological, human and non-human actors as the basis for a dialogue between the participants. Adaptation is a process that moves on various levels and is on permanent change.

In the circuit's research work we address the concept of adaptation also in the sense of the creation of techniques and technologies applied to each environment, and their use in the multiple interrelationships between the actors. It is enriching to understand each environment from a decolonial perspective as a potential point of development of techniques or applied knowledge.

The project proposes fluid cartography trying to avoid the centralization of androcentric knowledge and recognizing nature as the most sophisticated technology. The concepts of multinaturalism and technodiversity propose a search for alternative paths that promote new methodologies and, in a broader and deeper process, new epistemologies. The artistic creative process can significantly help this process.


● Paola Torres Núñez del Prado (PE) ︎︎︎

● Dunja Krcek (AT) ︎︎︎

● Antonio Paucar (PE) ︎︎︎

● Kira Leskinen (FI) ︎︎︎

● Sadet Hirsimäki (FI) ︎︎︎

● Sofia Magdits (PE) ︎︎︎

Through the theme of adaptation, the SNC project brings focus to social, cultural and environmental sustainability.

Climate crisis is changing landscapes and along with them, cultural practices and social relations. The need to adapt to the upcoming changes is ever more present while the threat is still partly unknown. This raises the interest of reconnecting to the knowledge that cultures of the south and north have about living in harmony with the environment in a sustainable way: the knowledge to read nature and be part of it.

This interest combined with the technology and science that we have today is at the center of the project. The project is not about returning to something but more about investigating new ways that combine different knowledges with science and technology. 

Helsinki, Finland︎
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