Paola Torres
Núñez del Prado

Paola Torres Núñez del Prado is a peruvian visual artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work combines conceptual art with the use of traditional peruvian fabrics modified with new technologies. Paola explores the limits of the senses, examining the concepts of interpretation, translation and misrepresentation. 

Paola stayed at TUO TUO residency for one month. During this time Paola was able to notice the characteristics of the forest surrounding the residency. She saw lichens in the trees and started weaving with them, researching its natural preferences, taking consciousness of a living material.
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The work of Paola is motivated by the investigation of quipus, an ancient string device for data collection used by the Incas, combined with electronic and digital media conforming to the exploration with the environment and the found materials, creating living artworks with coded messages.

“ ...thinking of that planet not as what hold us but as what we are part of, we consider that the rethinking of the re-union between body and mind must be understood as a symbiosis between nature and technology, recognizing that a profound idiosyncratic restructuring is urgent, starting from human culture itself, as inseparable from technology as techné.

Therefore, in these times of climate emergency, it is imperative not only to question the materials used in our practice nor their energy consumption nor their carbon footprint, but their design, symbolism and historicity, so to go beyond the epistemic duality of control vs. liberty (understood as free will or power and dominance) that the concept of techné leads us to, so to start talking about cohesion, assistance, integration and harmony, and to design technology for these characteristics.

We cannot speak of integration without first liberating ourselves from the hierarchical value system applied to sensory experience, led by an extreme capitalization of the visual that is followed, at a distance, by the impact of the sound, leaving aside other perceptions and subsequent ways of reconstructing reality" 

The Technokhipumancer's Neokhipukamayoq Manifesto

                       — Paola Torres Nuñez del Prado 

Helsinki, Finland︎
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