Sofia Magdits

SNC 2022—2023
In residence at ÖRES︎︎︎
︎ @sofiamagdits

︎Feathers ︎Seaweed ︎Lake Reed

Sofia Magdits is a peruvian visual artist working with textiles, painting, installation and music. Her work draws inspiration from nature motifs combined with modern day themes as she investigates the world we are living in through art.

Sofia stayed at the island of Örö for the month of September at ÖRES residency. During this time she explored the nature of the island, its flora and fauna and the materials that can be used in her art. The experience of being in the island gave her the chance to work at a different rhythm, focusing more on her own thoughts without the constant movement  and fast pace of the city.

In her work Sofia created a dialogue between the different elements of the island, weaving a story between the found materials.
Read more about the process with the material︎︎︎

“For me it is all about respect and positive coexistence, as animals have been doing it throughout history.

We are living in a time where most human beings are extremely disconnected from nature. Where does the food that I am eating comes from? How does the plant looks like? We destroy, burn, overfish, damage all in the name of productivity, numbers and percentages. And are so much inside the velocity of the day to day that we don't stop to appreciate anymore. Talking about nature is talking about this big negligence problem. 

We need awareness, sensibility, connection. I talk about this in my work as well. This connection that we should nurture and the fragility of it and of nature itself.” 

                            — Sofia Magdits

Helsinki, Finland︎
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