Lake Reed

Schoenoplectus lacustris

ÖRES Residency
Artist Sofia Magdits
Sea reed
Lake reed

Lake reed is a freshwater species that grows on soft bottoms in large beds of reed. It can grow up to 3.5 meters tall, with stems 5–15 millimeters thick. There are many different types of reed and in Finland alone over 20 species can be found.

Reeds can be plucked individually by hand or cut with a scythe. Before using the reeds are dried approximately for two weeks. Outside bundles of reeds are gathered together overlapping in a way that air can get under them. They are turned occasionally during the drying. Then the reeds are raised to a vertical position and brought indoors for final drying and storage.

Traditionally when used the reeds are first dipped in cold water and then wrapped in a damp cloth. The reeds are moist during the whole preparation to avoid breakage.

Artist Sofia Magdits used lake reeds during her stay at ÖRES residency in September. The artist experimented weaving the lake reed in different ways transforming the material to a textile like object. Sofia formed installations on site on the island of which the textile was part of.

Helsinki, Finland︎
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