We are an association focused on the development and production of cultural projects and artistic work. Our points of interest are sustainability and technology. At this moment we are focused on the development of the Koyne Program; which consists of a circuit of art residencies in three different countries as well as the library of sustainable materials.

As an Association, within the Koyne Program, we are focused on three lines of work:

1.- The development of an artistic research methodology as a tool for artists in residence (mainly based on action research).

2.- The creation of a library of sustainable materials and work with these materials.

3.- Research in the use of digital and electronic tools.

If you are interested to know more or have any other question, please feel free to contact Arcaica at: ︎︎︎

In the photo artworks by artist Dunja Krcek and Sofia Magdits with Renzo Signori. The artists participated in the South-North Circuit 2022-23.  © Koyne Program / Ella Tommila

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